wandsworth arts fest update

Another day at wandsworth common! Love the chilled commuter traffic on a sunday afternoon! We are searching for our rocket man last spotted on the wandsworth common. Can you help?


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Wandsworth festival platform one gallery

Just finished a good session at the platform one gallery! Rasheeda is now mayor of the gallery on foursquare! Haha! Other thoughts were the great find of a london map with the area of wandsworth cut out! Brilliant we can use it! The missing square can be a blank with a rocket for our hunt! We worked on planning a rota of hide and seek with participants. We figured the base of the gallery should be used most effectively with a rotation between audience as either a seeker or a aider feeding tips of the rocket search through text messages. We want to open up the media based work we are. Doing to those without the apps of twitter or foursquare or internet enabled phones. We also have rocket sticker badges to be used either from the start as entry into the game or as a reveal. Still want to bring in the italo calvino ‘invisible cities’to pepper the journey. Going back to our moon walk we thoUght of using the original take off count down as the final reveal once participants have ended their journey.
We also went back to rocket lollies added to the take off audio

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Wandsworth Arts Festival

Room3 Collective invite you to join our rocket launch hunt from 11am to 7.30pm Friday 21st May to Saturday 23rd May.

Meet us at the Platform One Gallery to commence the hunt! Also join in building your own rocket to launch.
Follow us on facebook http://www.platform1gallery.com/info.html

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with foursquare and cooking are on the menu Room3 latest experiments will be at the platform one gallery on wandsworth coomon from next friday 21 May! wandsworth common is the nearest tube. check back here for the latest update of how to participate!

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Room3 are featuring in the international puppetry festival at Central School of Speech and Drama, Swiss Cottage, this Friday 7th May at 5:30pm http://www.cssd.ac.uk/content/4th-international-student-puppet-festival. Come take a look at what we’re working on…we’d love your feedback!

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