moving forward by staying still

Pressures on a young company: How to be time effective
Strategy Suggestions
Aim: more output through less input
So we have found and sought out like minded individuals we want to experiment with. Step one is complete but we have to negotiate everything other pressure of being recent arts graduates too.

How to counter work balance commitments =

Our work output needs more frequency but can be lesser in scale: frequent public rendevous via pidgeon wing and platform one.

Daily use of our blog site by company members 2.0 connecting with inspirations from other blogs and sites. Could be a word, video, image, idea.

More utilisation of ourselves as independent artists within the collective~ can we be more productive administratively and creatively?

Could we start to offer independent proposals as individuals to springboard out projects.

Gain a birds eye view to connect work we have done so far see where we can create connected networks with others past work and our own output. .
Allow for our work to sit in between categories as a stimulus for content generation.
An example could be bringing in more connections to an artist or fellow practitioner who is engaging in a particular way of research and outpute useful research project development for us.
jannis kounellis use of public space in relation to triggering an activated co collaborative public spaces on our bac residency derive

Reassment of our working method and project direction can be tackled very simply I think through suggestions like these.


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Speed = distance / time

The moon is on average 238,857 miles away.

The average walking speed is about 3 miles per hour

It would take, on average 29619 hours to walk to the moon

That’s just over 1234 days.

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